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Drive home the team-building lessons of racing to your employees in a way that no PowerPoint presentation possibly could – No pun intended.
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Often, we focus on star performers without realizing that supporting roles play a very important part in getting a job done. While we may be familiar with drivers like Lewis Hamilton, Danica Patrick, or Dale Jr., we may not hear much about their pit crew, who are key to the driver’s success.  Certainly we don’t expect the drivers get out of their cars, change their own tires, gas up, and get back on the track all by themselves.  Without a good pit crew, the driver would not get very far.  A salesman can make a huge sale of a product, but without manufacturing to build it, shippers to move it, and accounting to ensure it is paid for, all that work is for nothing.   Even the best performers can use a coach- someone who sees the bigger picture.  In racing, a driver sees only the track and cars directly in front of him/her. A teammate in a monitoring position can see the whole track and alert the driver of possible problems or opportunities ahead. You need a good team working together to win the race. 

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What our clients are saying:

Good morning, Warren — Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the racing at our conference party, and that was no surprise considering how competitive our members are! You should know that we awarded the ERA truck to our first place winner the next day in front of our entire group of attendees.  Thanks so much for everything!

Tess H.
Electronics Representatives Association