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Give a birthday party that will always be remembered with Races2U®.

Our racing simulators will literally put you in the driver’s seat.  Choose your car and your track, and race your friends and family or virtual opponents.  These simulators are not your average video game.  Real racing style seats, force-feedback steering, and paddle or stick shifting add a level of realism that is very immersive.

Our digital slot cars can be programmed for almost any skill level, from kindergarteners to tweens to teenagers to adults.  Young children enjoy watching the cars go around the track, with all the bright colors and sounds, and cars can be kept slow enough that they stay on the track most of the time.  It wouldn’t be racing without the occasional incident, and those will still happen frequently enough to keep the young ones entertained.  For older children, teens, and adults, Slot Car Racing can be quite challenging, and a certain level of skill and finesse is involved just to keep the cars on the track.  Add the options of time trials, pit stops for fueling and penalties for aggressive driving, and real racing strategy is required.  

Participants who are not driving during a particular race can get involved as “pit crew”, putting cars back together and back on track, and of course, it wouldn’t be racing without spectators, either.  Watching the races is almost as enjoyable as driving, and a 6 car setup can easily keep up to 18 kids or adults occupied and interested for hours.  Family friendly, non violent, active, and no mess to clean up – what more could you ask for in birthday party entertainment? 

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