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Chris Kyle Frog Foundation

It is perhaps no coincidence, and a great pride and honor that on this Veteran’s Day, Races2U has been invited to participate in the American Sniper Shootout, a fundraiser for the Chris Kyle Frog Foundation.  Most Americans became familiar with the name Chris Kyle after the incredible success of the “American Sniper” movie.  As a Navy veteran and fellow Texan himself, Races2U owner Warren Peck has long been familiar with his story.  The foundation began in his honor, and The aim of the Chris Kyle Frog Foundation is to provide meaningful, interactive experiences to service members, first responders and their families, aimed at enriching their family relationships.   As a Navy veteran himself, Races2U founder Warren Peck understands the stresses and strain that military service can place on a family, with long separations, inconsistent and infrequent communication, constant worry, and post-traumatic stress just some of the difficulties they face.  This event will help raise money for this very worthy cause- helping our military and first-responders to achieve some normalcy in their anything but normal family lives.  We hope many of you will be able to attend this event, and even if you are unable, please consider making a donation to this very worthy cause.

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Chris Kyle Frog Foundation Fundraiser

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