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Carrera Digital VW Kafer


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Red beetle power
The serial production 36 bhp VW Beetle offers plenty of room for improvement in terms of power – so why exercise restraint at the tuning stage? Go for it! This Beetle has been upgraded to a true powerhouse and features elements taken from the Group 5 racing car. The red and yellow paint job featuring the word ‘Kairomon’ reinforces the overall look of the car. It clearly falls within the guidelines for the series and shows what the car could have become.

The Carrera DIGITAL 132 VW Beetle Group 5 Race 1 slotcar is a genuine eyecatcher with xenon headlights, 100% realistic rear and brake light functionality and close attention to authentic details. This Carrera car can be assigned its own code, can be digitally controlled and offers authentic racing fun.30703 VW Beetle Red

Carrera Digital VW Kafer

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