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Q: How many cars can race at one time?
A: It varies from 2 to 20, depending on the size and manufacturer of the track, but frequently races are between 4-8 cars. Contact your local Races2U operator for details of the tracks nearest you.

Q: When I was a kid, the cars used to fly off the track if I went too fast. Do they still do that?
A: Yes, the cars will still fly off the track if you don’t control your speed. However, powerful magnets help the cars grip the track better, and digital cars can have their maximum speed limited to reduce the frequency of crashes

Q: Do I need my own car or controller to race on a Races2U track?
A: No- Races2U provides everything you need for a complete race, from the track to the cars to the scenery. We can even generate our own electricity to power the entire setup.

Q: Can I run my own cars on your tracks?
A: That depends on a lot of factors- The scale (size) of your car, the manufacturer, the year it was made, and what type of chip is installed. Most Races2U operators can sell you a car that will work on their track.

Q: What are the space requirements for having Races2U set up a track at my event?
A: Depending on your needs, Races2U can usually assemble a track to accomodate your size requirements. Tracks can be as small as a standard size billiard or ping-pong table, or as large as a conference room. If it is an outdoor track in a trailer, please contact your local Races2U operator to see how large the trailer is. Trailers should be parked on a level surface for safety.

Q: There is no Races2U near me. Can I buy a franchise?
A: Races2U is currently looking for business partners in certain markets throughout the United States. Please feel free to contact us for more details.

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    • November 14, 2014 at 4:59 pm

      Hi Dorothy, and thank you for your question. The Races2U grid girls are much more than pretty faces. They not only represent the Races2U brand, but actually are a crucial part in running the races themselves. A grid girl must be good with children, be able to stay on her feet for hours, be comfortable speaking in public, and have fast reflexes. She must also be able to tolerate loud noises, being outside in hot or cold weather in a small dress, having dozens of people yell at her from all directions, and do it all with a smile on her face. All of this for little financial reward. However, you will notice that many of the ladies in the pictures have done many events, from NASCAR and Formula 1 races to trade shows to car shows and more. While the work is demanding, it is also a lot of fun. Grid girl positions are based on events, and are not regular employees but contractors. If you would like to be a grid girl, please send pictures and your resume’ to sales@races2u.com.


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